Delta Electronics (Poland) Ltd. joins PLDCA. We asked Michał Semeniuk, the Director of Sales and Marketing at Delta Electronics, to share his perspective on the development of the Data Center (DC) sector in the coming years.

Michał Semeniuk: “In recent years, there has been a dynamic increase in demand for data center services, both globally and nationally. This is particularly noticeable in the context of interest from Hyperscaler type clients. For this segment of customers, the demand for single Data Center facilities reaches tens of megawatts. Data analysis from Hyperscalers regarding Data Center service needs indicates a forecasted further market development. It is expected that growth in the next 7-10 years could be double-digit each year.

Modern Data Centers are undergoing dynamic changes, differing from their predecessors mainly due to technological progress and the evolution of business requirements. In the face of these challenges, there is an increasing demand for rapid deployments, minimizing the space occupied by power infrastructure, and simultaneously increasing the reliability of systems. There is a clear trend towards modular Data Center solutions, utilizing the latest technologies, indicating their leading role in this field.

We expect that in the coming years, data centers will be even more focused on sustainable energy use. The EU Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) imposes new obligations on data center operators, requiring investment planning with particular consideration of the environmental impact. The priority of the new law is to increase energy efficiency in the form of systematic reduction of energy consumption, water usage, waste heat management, and the use of renewable energy.

Achieving the directive’s objectives requires the implementation of solutions in the infrastructure that are highly efficient and effective. Delta Electronics’ business mission: “to provide innovative, clean, and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow” perfectly aligns with the current demands of the Data Center industry. Innovative Delta Electronics products, such as UPS power supplies, li-ion batteries, and Power Modules, are already adapted to meet these challenges. The company consistently supports sustainable development goals in technology and industry, designing products and systems with the idea of ‘solving’ environmental problems. This approach is crucial in the context of the dynamic development of the Data Center industry and heightened expectations regarding energy efficiency and sustainable development.”

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