Arup specializes in strategic consulting in the field of sustainable engineering. For over seventy years, it has been leading the way in the realization of the most ambitious and demanding project and engineering investments. Arup’s main goal is to develop a truly sustainable building environment. It is a company focused on sustainable development, a collective of 18,000 designers, advisors, and experts working in 140 countries. Arup has been permanently present in Poland since 1998.

We asked Andrzej Borowski, Associate Director at Arup, about the predictions for the development of the DC market:

“The data center sector will soon face the challenge of adapting technology to new EU requirements. If regulations in Poland are similar to those in Germany, some existing projects will undergo thorough reconstruction, and newly implemented investments will have to meet the PUE requirement below 1.2. This also includes the necessity of heat recovery and its reuse, which will certainly cause a lot of problems for some locations.
On the other hand, due to the increasingly high packing density of power in rack cabinets, we are facing the development of a new way of cooling cabinets. The market will show which of the direct cooling solutions becomes most popular and allows us to raise the temperature of the cooling medium, improve PUE, and increase the attractiveness of heat recovery due to the higher temperature of the cooling medium.”