The development of data centers in Poland is important due to the rapid growth of data storage and processing needs. Investments in this type of infrastructure can contribute to the country’s competitiveness in the technological field and support economic development by generating jobs and attracting investors. At the same time, it is important that this development goes hand in hand with carbon reduction policies and data security to ensure stability and confidence in the IT sector.

Vertiv, as a leading manufacturer of critical infrastructure solutions for data center facilities, pays particular attention to the growing expectations in the context of the energy efficiency of the offered systems and the growing IT power density. The development of IT technology, and above all, the rapidly developing artificial intelligence, are expected to set new trends in the near future. To meet these challenges, our company has been building competences in the field of liquid cooling systems for servers. The recent acquisition of CoolTera is a testament to our ambition to lead in this space.

The Polish data center market, with Warsaw as the main point, is developing extremely dynamically and is very strong. It is currently on par with Western European markets. This is mainly due to investments by global colocation and cloud providers, including some of Vertiv’s main customers for prefabricated modular data center (PFM) solutions. They account for about 70 percent of Vertiv’s solution sales in the Polish market. The remaining 30 percent of customers are in the enterprise segment (20%) and telecommunications (10%). PFM data center deployments are most often associated with investments in greenfield projects.

“The Polish data center market is already mature and we expect it will continue to grow. Some analysts suggest around 10-20% per year, and AI implementations will also be one of the main drivers of high investment dynamics. Additionally, spending in Poland, as in the European Union as a whole, will be driven by regulations in the areas of green energy and environmental protection, including the Fit for 55 package.” – Igor Grdic, Regional Director Central Eastern Europe, Vertiv.

Thus, from Vertiv’s perspective, the key trends that will affect the data center market in the near future, both globally, in Europe and in Poland, are:

  • artificial intelligence, which will create many opportunities for optimization, new designs and modernization of data centers;
  • intensification of the search for alternative energy storage solutions;
  • services that provide flexibility, which enterprises will prefer;
  • the race to the cloud, and new challenges in ensuring the highest level of security for stored data.