Schneider Electric Polska Sp. z o.o. is another company that decided to join PLDCA. On this occasion, we asked experts about trends and challenges in the DC industry for the coming months.

Schneider Electric experts predict that by 2028, the cumulative annual growth rate (CAGR) for workloads related to artificial intelligence (#AI) will even reach 36% annually! This will directly translate into increased demand for computing power and data center space, as well as electricity consumption. Today, globally, AI-related loads consume about 4.3 GW of power, and by the end of 2028, the global energy demand accompanying such loads is expected to reach even 20 GW.
This rapid growth trend will not bypass Poland. Today, in Warsaw alone, the total power potential of such facilities exceeds 130 MW, and the nationwide forecast for 2030 speaks of exceeding the threshold of 500 MW.
Therefore, the priority becomes adapting data center infrastructure to the necessity of providing huge amounts of computing power and handling large data sets, so that they can respond in the most efficient way to the needs accompanying the popularization of AI. Following the requirements for computing power and mass storage space, the needs related to ensuring high reliability of data centers, as well as their energy efficiency and operation in accordance with sustainable development principles, become crucial.
“With rising energy costs and growing environmental concerns, data center operators will need to focus on energy-efficient equipment, such as high-performance power supply and server cooling systems, and on renewable energy sources – in order to reduce operational costs and carbon footprint,” admits Małgorzata Kasperska, Vice President of Schneider Electric for Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Ukraine, responsible for the Secure Power division.
The need to meet new requirements for the development of data center infrastructure – including power supply systems, cooling, cabinet and server space design, and their management – requires taking into account the specificity of workloads characteristic of AI. More on how artificial intelligence will change the way data centers operate, in the Schneider Electric White Paper 110 “The AI Disruption: Challenges and Guidance for Data Center Design.”

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