The company was established in 1990 and has been continuously developing at a strong pace since then. The main activity of Fast Group is the design and construction of safe infrastructure for IT systems.

We asked Michał Redlich, Vice President of the Board of Fast Group, for a brief comment on the prospects for the development of the DC market in Poland.

“The year 2024 promises to be another challenging period for the Data Center industry in Poland. Despite its dynamic development, we are convinced that this is not the end yet! Currently, one of the most serious challenges that will remain significant in the near future is the duration of investments and ways to shorten them. Also, costs, understood as a whole – purchase, implementation, service, replacement of elements, as well as costs related to energy consumption – constitute an important aspect of every investment.

The Data Center market in Poland is undoubtedly undergoing a consolidation process. Despite the presence of many small entities, we can expect the entry of more large operators into the Polish market soon. This, in turn, will increase competition, further driving the development of new investments.

Personally, I believe we have the privilege of living and working in a period analogous to the early nineties in Poland. It was then that many local companies were founded, including ours. It was an undeniable opportunity for brave and ambitious people. Currently, a similar ecosystem is shaping up in the Data Center industry in Poland. Of course, it is now happening in a completely different environment, with much greater availability of capital, which makes it even more interesting!”

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